Starting My First Saltwater Tank

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Mar 12, 2011
I am thinking about starting a small saltwater tank, 10-12 gallons due to limited space. I know that small for a saltwater tank but I've heard it can be done. Is there a good tank recommendation to start with?! Should I get a kit or would I just be better off buying everything separate?!
What I would do is buy it all separate. U need 10 lbs of sand. A heater, thermometer, if u way it to be a fowlr then about 8 ish lbs of dry or live rock. Some type of filter.( if you are going with a filter I would go with one rated for 30gal. It will move enough water so you don't have to have a power head. And a light system. For the lights you can get a small hood for the tank. I recommend a t5 ho florescent bulb. A hydrometer or refractometer. And salt. That's about all you need beside the test kit. Depending on prices you are looking around 100 - $200 for the initial set up. I would not recommend a starter kit.
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