Still not satisfied with light, sigh.

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Dec 25, 2006
Queens, NY
At first when I got a 50/50 bulb for my strip light, I thought it was great. I am very picky about things with my tank and am looking for a better fixture. I currently have a 36" Marineland (I think) single strip fixture. It is rated 120 VAC, 60 HZ and 40W. Am I just being overly picky, or is there a fixture out there that will make a seriously noticeable improvement in light?
There are many light options..t-5, t-5HO, power compact on up to metal halide.
Sorry I have only SW experience with some recent FW planted tanks so I cant help you on that.
Wow! I must have slipped into a time warp! The time on these post say Wed July 25, here at my house its Mon July 23?

Apologies for the hijack
What size tank is this on? You don't need high light for a cichlid tank unless your trying a planted tank. Try a daylight/actinic T5 strip light, if you go to high and no plants your going to have serious algae problems.
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