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Aug 12, 2013
Here is my fish:
1 flame or coral beauty dwarf angelfish
2 paired clowns purcula or occ
1 yellow watchmen goby

1 pistol shrimp for the YWG
1 haddons anemone
1 cleaner shrimp

I need a idea for a CUC.

Do panorama pros fit in the hood I want to get some for the anemone.
Has the pistol and YWG paired up yet? Many will say you don't need a clean up crew and that they are just for looks. Others prefer them so it is really up to you. Don't get too large a cuc because many will starve. I don't know much about lighting but you should look up They make LEDs for bio and nano cubes.
Your tank is much too small for any angel fish. Even the "dwarf" angelfish.
Your tank is much too small for any angel fish. Even the "dwarf" angelfish.
And the carpet too! they get as big as a trash can lid and will most likely consume your fish (except for the clowns). I suggest a bubble tip.
Usually liveaquaria is good but not on that one. Carpets get massive and are definitely not as easy to keep as bubble tips.
What is everyone's opinion in the best anenome that will host a occ/purcula in a 29 coralife biocube
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