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I know Scott just bought some for his 125, I'm sure he'll be around to comment tommorow! So far I know he's said they really kick out some flow. A nice cheaper alternative to the Tunze.
Well I have the Tunze Nano Stream 6025 and another on the way...Just for kicks and grins I just ordered the Hydorto test it out..I'm going for max flow and super low power consumption!!!!!!
I love them. They have a great, strong and dispersed flow. I actually have two of the 2s in my 55 and two of the 4s in my 125. I like the magnents, no more suction cups, YAY! I have only had them for about two months, so I can't comment on their longevity. Overall, I am happy so far.
Yikes..I ordered the 4, I didn't mean to...I wanted the 2, oh well...

I will take pics of it and post them when it comes in. I also have another Tunze Nano Stream 6025's back ordered right now so I'll probably get the hydor first.
With the wide flow they provide you might end up using all 4. Is your order finalized?
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