Stuck Bulkhead

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Jan 3, 2009
Charlton, MA
Ok well, As you may know, I got a 180G RR oceanic yesterday. Well i wanted to clean the bottom of the overflows but one of the bulkheads got stuck. Now it is a bit loose and cant be tightened or loosened. Any ideas? Can i silicone it in ?
OOOH. Thats easy. I thought i needed to cut the threaded part. Hmm, now to get a Does home depot rent them?
Sawzall is fun lol
Hmm i'll see if i can find a cutout wheel.
What about a soldering iron to melt it off?
melting it is probably the least effective idea. as you melt it off, it will bond to the other peice and just make it more and more impossible to get apart
You can also use a long string as a saw for pvc... FYI... The friction and heat makes short work of it. An old plumbers trick for sawing pvc pipes in hard-to-reach spots!
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