stupid petcetera heater. any1 kno how to work it lol?

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Big Ben

Aquarium Advice Freak
Mar 16, 2006
Winnipeg, Manitoba, Canada
I bought a petcetera submersible heater a while back, now that im trying to use it, i cant get it to work. Anyone from the states probably cant help me with this as I beleive petcetera stores are only in canada. I work at petcetera and its sad cause I still won't recommend petcetera brand equipment to people.

The heater has no temp guage, just high and low. The instructions are written in really poor english so I dont understand them lol. I think it was made in china. Anyway all i kno is the temp knob is pulled out and pushed back in to set the temp but im totaly confused how to work it. Im asking ppl at work but they have no idea. Im prob just gona go buy a visitherm stealth lol
Sorry I can't help, I had a friend who had one and it overheated and killed his fish. I don't think they are very accurate to be honest. I personally would take it and the receipt back to the store and return it for a different heater.
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