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Jan 10, 2010
Just starting, I have a 90 gal that I am just starting to put together. I want to make it FOWLR what is the best material for the bottom? I got some crushed coral from a friend but not sure. I mainly have seen sand in most tanks. Any advice?
Dry aragonite is a good option. Crushed coral is pretty popular but after some time, detrius and uneaten food can get trapped in there and cause nitrate issues. Not as big of a deal if youre planning on keeping the tank a FOWLR tank, but if you ever get the itch to put corals in there, and you probably will, you wont want any nitrates, so cc isnt a good choice there.
Just don't get the aragonite to fine as it will blow around the tank if your PH's are to strong. Then agian, not to course as your sand dwellers can't get into it.
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