Suggestions for 100G Tropical Freshwater tank

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So, I'm thinking about getting 3 Zebra Loaches! Any ideas what bottom dwellers will be good for them?
That is a beautiful fish but will eat smaller fish so you would want some African or new world cichlids.
Ehhh! Would 3 loaches, 10 Corys, and maybe 3 plecos work for the bottom?
That would work. Add many hiding areas for the plecos because they can be territorial
You really can't add shrimp. If you add the butterfly, you'll need large tank mates that will feast on the shrimp
I don't think I'm gonna go with the butterfly. Maybe next tank though!
Ahhh, that's a bummer! I've come up with a simple idea. But I'd like to have y'all's help! Starting with the bottom, lets plan each level of the aquarium. Can I get some help?
For the bottom you could have corydora sterbai or albino corydora aneas. You can have a few albino bn plecos. Finally, you can have your three zebra loaches and possibly some yoyo loaches
Both species are assertive so you don't need to worry about competition for food.
For mid water, you can have center piece fish like some pearl or moonlight gouramis. Another option would be a few angelfish. For schooling fish, I'd add gold or bleeding heart tetras, giant danios, or harlequin/scissor tail rasboras.
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