Suggestions on improving my 40g tank (sump questions)

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Jan 12, 2011
Newport News, VA
Hey everyone,

My 40g recently cycled as you may have seen in a recently previous topic I started. I was able to successfully moved my clown and 2 small cardinals from my 20g. About two weeks ago I purchased a Coralife Super Skimmer 65G, worked great, but to keep a long story short, without even much force I broke the plastic piece which connects the submersible pump to the plastic tube to get air so there’s no way to keep it attached. I tried a couple things but it wouldn’t ever work the same.

I’d like to aim for the best water quality possible, and have been reading up on sumps but found myself to be a bit confused, seeing so many different types, some with more chambers then others. I’d like to convert the 20gallon into a sump rather then buying one outright. I hear the sump skimmers are better quality anyways. I only know about the real basics of sumps, some of the advantages, etc. I’m especially interested in hiding the equipment, because a heater, two hob filters, powerhead, and skimmer don’t all look that great.

Would I be fine with running an overflow HOB and a sump skimmer, without any power filters? And how exactly does having a sump make doing water changes easier? There’s a marineland sump skimmer at my LFS rated for 100g, would this be overkill or perfectly okay? And do you guys have any other recommendations and making sure my 40g has top notch water quality? Thanks so much :D

I really like the aqueon proflex sump that comes in 4 sizes and I run it as a wet dry, but you could run as a refugium also.
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