Supliments for corals ect...(POLL)

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Do you use food supliments in your tank?

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Apr 13, 2004
Rossville. Ga
How many of use food supliments for your sps, lps, inverts, or fine filter feeders ect...?

Like microvert, or zooplex ect...

If you do could you list these things:

1. What do you dose?
2. How much?
3. When?

TIA! :wink:
LiquidLife Bioplankton. One squirt once a week diluted in a small cup of tank water for my 90 and less than ½ of that for my 27. I do this primarily for pods and such, not corals.

Sorry but what is DT's? I am aquiring this info for my knowledge. I have some zooplex and microvert, and I was wondering should I be dosing with it. :wink:
DT's is live phyto plankton. Personally I believe it is way over priced since you can grow your own in a closet for vitually nothing. I have not been able to get mine set up I am still using the store bought stuff. Anyway..its intended to feed filter feeders and such. Some swear by it...some say that it makes no difference at all. I like it and am setting up a drip system for mine so that it will be in the water all the time.

I dont supplment feed my corals but i do add phyto to my tank when I feed my blender mush.

SHHHH. Dont tell the wife but for two tanks I take a small coffee cup full of phyto and thaw out frozen blender mush in it and then I split that amongst my two tanks.
ya I get caught "converting" regular house ware into fishtank equipment all hte time lol so true
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