Supplement protein skimmer?

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Oct 23, 2008
I have a 29 gallon reef/fowler tank! I only have a couple of mushrooms a condy anemone and a small patch of star polyps! peppermint shrimp, assorted hermits and snails. 40 lbs of live rock, 20 lbs of live sand for substrate. Two skunk clowns and a domino. 700 gph input from my sump which has about 10 lbs of live rock in it, and a 295 gph PH. I have a skimpy venturi 70 gallon seaquest protein skimmer that seems to do nothing(pics will follow). I was wondering if A:can you overskimm? and B:would it be worth it to buy this protein skimmer on ebay for 50 bucks? (Item #180330710977). All readings are fine on my new test kit! Here goes( Nitrite >.03, PH 8.1(steady), ammonia 0,KH is 6. That is the only tests I have. last time I checked my salinity at the lfs it was .024. Tank is 9 months old and I have musrooms splitting and growing good it just seems like my protein skimmer is not doing anything! any thoughts?I will post a pick of my PS tommorow!
IMO on that small of a tank you could skip the skimmer. Just keep up on water changes. I had a tubrofloater 1000 on a 30 gallon and it never produced much.

Maybe a light and some plants in your sump.
You talking about a new skimmer to replace the current one? Not sure. I'm a fan of having one. Maybve you're not producing an lot of waste. What kinda skimmer are you using now?

The fact that you have nitrites, or your test kit is inaccurately telling you so, makes me thing something is wromg. They should be zero.

Get a nitrate kit too. I'm interested in that. What and how often do you feed?
I have 70 gal seaquest skimmer, bought it off of ebay so it might ba a knock off, it pulls a little bit but nothing signifigant! Will post a pic tomorrow! It is a sqare venturi skimmer and produces alot of waste at the top of the chamber but not to much in the cup! I will look into niratate! Thanks
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