T5 Bulbs, any home improvement store?

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Jun 13, 2007
Ok, Lately I have been working on some planted tanks I neglected this semester and got around to changing some bulbs out. I went to Home Depot and found a few 6500k T12 bulbs for my big tanks and was curious if anyone has found any T5 bulbs?

I found a one 21 inch T5 in the 2100k range which is useless for planted tanks.. I swear that most fish stores label the T5 in the 24 inch range that fits my coralife fixture.. never seen a 21inch - are they the same thing?

Has anyone had any luck finding any of these T5 bulbs 5500-6500k range in any home improvement store?

Kind of an odd question, but it saves me alot of cash compared to buying from a fish store or ordering online..
I hear hellolights.com has great prices and selection. I know you state you don't want to pay the shipping, but check them out. Also check in the General Retailors section. I believe there was a post about a month or so ago about a few good places.
I've used hellplights in the past. Call them if you have any questions before placing the order. They are very helpful and will explain the differences betwen bulbs, why the lengths are rated differently (a 21" bulb fits a 24" fixture -- fixture length vs. bulb lenght), etc.
I checked out hellolights.com they have the same bulbs dr fosters/big als have for nearly the same price.

Guess I will just have to order from them. I've found some T12 6500k lights as I mentione d above at home depot and hoped I could nab some T5 with the same rating. Doesn't look like thats the case.
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