T5 for 50gal...please help

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Feb 7, 2005
New Orleans
I don't know much about T5. What set-up would you recommend for my 50gal.....it is 30" long x 18" wide to give you an idea of the space that I have to work with.

I need to know how many bulbs, and exactly what bulbs, as I think there are many different types. Links would be cool. I am looking to keep LPS, and softies.

Any other info on T5 would be great as I hardley know anything about them.

To get the full beinifit of T5, you need to get the parabolic reflectors.

30 inches is an akward dimmension for florecent tubes. I think the best layout for you would be 4-6 staggered 24" bulbs. Each bulb is 24 watts, so that gives you a total of 96-144 Watts. You would likely need a second ballast to support more than 4 bulbs. I'm not sure how wide those reflectors are, you might ask your supplier before ordering, so you can figure out how many you can fit in your hood.

There is a smaller selection of T5 bulbs than T8 or T12 bulbs, but the energy efficiency of T5 is difficult to beat.

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