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Aug 22, 2006
Charlotte, NC
I'm ready to buy some lights. I have my mind made up that I want t5's. My plan was to go with the Nova Extreme 4X54 watt. Now I'm reading that to get the most out of the lights you need individual reflectors. I have no problem getting a different fixture but the Nova is the only one that I know of with moonlights built in.

Do the individual reflectors make that much of a difference?
Anyone know of a hood with individual refectors and moonlights?
Any DIY added moonlights to a hood w/out them.
I've heard the individual reflectors aren't as good as the others, but I've also heard they are better.....I have that T5 set and am very happy with it.
Just FYI Individual reflectors are proven to put out almost as much as 50% more light. MUCH better.
Do you have a canopy? Both Coralife and Current USA make moonlights that include a universal mount so they can be added inside a canopy.

I've been told that the individual reflectors really do make a difference, so I am looking into the Tek Light T5 strip from Sunlight Supply.

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