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May 28, 2011
Virginia Beach
I am planning to get a tang or two for my 180 gallon when it finishes cycling and I had some questions. Would a sailfin and a powder brown get along? ( general question as I know it depends on the fish). Another question is I have been buying food to prepare and I got nls pellets and omega one red algae sheets. Was curious since the nls has algae and spirulina if the algae sheets are still needed for optimal health? Thank you
I only have one yellow tang so take this for what its worth, but both are on the more passive end of the tang scale. I think in a tank that size, especially if introduced at the same time, you would be just fine. The brown powder is a great looking fish, I'd add one if I didn't think my yellow would beat him up too much. Good luck.
He eats pellets daily, mysis shrimp every 2 or 3 days and dried seaweed on alternating days. He also grazes on alge on he rock continually. Seaweed is definetely his favorite.
They will get along fine just as long as you add then at the same time, personaly I would add 4 tangs to that tank at the same time, sailfin, powder brown, Naso, and a yellow tang. that's my future stock list
Just be carefull adding 4 fish that size at once could cause a spike in ur numbers. From what I have seen even though a little dif from what I read I have never had a prb with a tang attacking a new addition to a tank including other tangs.
Also the naso and powder brown are similar especially as juveniles so they are more apt to fight. If I had to pick four tangs for a 180(which I have may not go with 4 tangs tho) is a naso, dejardini sailfin, achillies, and purple.
Well I know for sure I won't be getting four tangs. I have my porcupine puffer and my dwarf lion from my other tank . Probably going to be overstocked if I go with more fish than that. What kind of foods do your tangs eat?
Just those two u would he absolutly fine with 4 tangs if u wanted not much past that but def can get away with it. You could have those two 4 tangs plus a few smaller fish imo
I wouldn't go 4 tangs but I like a variety. But mine eat everything nori formula two mysis brine etc basically everything. Love nori tho
If I do go with a fifth fish it would be a toss up between a raccoon butterfly a yellow stripe Maroon clown or a snowflake eel. Is there any plant or algae that is ok to plant in the display for the tangs to eat?
Buterfly's aren't "reef safe" personally I think they are more reef safe then non. Also think u have room for more fish. As long as added slowly. 5 fish in a 180 on minamal.
I have a butterfly and in the process of trying to pair my yellow striped maroon. Not going well but expected unfortunatly.
Anyone else want to share their tang diet ? It seems like pellets , mysis, and algae are the main diet.
My 3 tangs eat everything I put in the tank. :) Mysis, brine,pellets, flake, bloodworms, chopped clams...everything. LOL I also try to get at least one sheet of seaweed up a day, they go crazy for that stuff.
It's been a couple of days with my sailfin tang. He has eaten nls , mysis , spirulina brine shrimp , krill. But he hasn't touched his algae on the clip yet. Is there a certain type they like better ? I have the omega one red algae sheets.
I buy unseasoned Nori from Amazon.com and slice it into sheets. They eat it like pigs and it's cheap...cheap. Same stuff they make sushi with. You could rub a bit of garlic on it to entice them more.
I can't get my yellow eye kole tang to eat any seaweed. My yellow tang loves the stuff. At first the yellow wouldn't go for it. I rubbed the seaweed between my fingers under water at first. This made it easier for it to feed and get accustomed to seaweed. Now i just clip a bit of a sheet and dunk it in the tank. Just wish my yellow kole eye would eat it. He only likes the frozen brine shrimp.
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