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Jun 8, 2012
Just looking to see if I have some locals around the app, anywho, i'm selling a 180 gallon tank with dual overflows, needs new bulkheads because one of the bulkheads on a return line is busted, still have the glass tops to the tank as well. I'm located in northwest Georgia and asking $250


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Unless there is a Boise Georgia then probably not lol... ROAD TRIP!
Cleaned it up a bit today


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Oh I forgot to past that the tank is no longer for sale, sorry everyone.
Yes =) the wife and I are finally moving into a house so now I have room for a 6ft tank
I'll post some updates on the progress, i'm just going to take my time and gather equipment, have to build a stand too
If you need any help or advice let us know. I have a wealth of reef keeping now lol. I'm looking to upgrade to a bigger tank. Nothing less then 180g. If anyone knows where or who is selling a large tank, let me know. Really looking for a 220
If you're in the Georgia area check out the Atlanta reef club. Someone is usually selling a decent sized tank of that size for reasonable prices.
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