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Mar 4, 2006
I have recently decided to get into the hobby after a foray into the fresh water side of the hobby. Of course before running out and buying fish etc, there will be alot of research done, and here seems to be great place to start.

My question is this, I am planning to use my old tank (somewhere in the range of 50-65 gal) which was fresh water. However, the tank is a corner type and is quite tall rather than long and rectangular. What sort of special considerations will I be faced with in terms of equipment to buy, coral, sand and fish, if any?

I'm looking for generalizations here, I don't mean to bother you with hand-holding.

Thanks in advance. I'm looking forward immersing myself in this hobby.
Much depends on your plans for the tank. Will it be fish only, fish only w/live rock, a reef with soft coral or a mixed reef with soft and hard coral?
I would like fish w/live rock and sand only, but I'm not really sure, given the dimentions of the tank, I'm open to the best possible combination for a ballanced biosphere.

And I know, no tangs.:)

Thanks for the quick reply
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