Tanks hot- get fans?

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Lance M.

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May 1, 2004
South Carolina
I live in South Carolina and it's been pretty warm the last couple of days. My sw tanks are at around 84 degrees, for some reason my 54 gallon freshwater is 81 degrees....

Were can I get some cheap fans to put over the tanks to cooldown the water? Preferably something that looks ok there. And how big should they be?
Whoa, that's pretty warm. If you're looking for something cheap you can always look on ebay. That's where I got mine. A couple of computer fans installed in the canopy. Do you have a canopy? If so you can purchase a couple of computer fans and install in the canopy. Something like these:


I've read where others have placed table top fans over the sump.
It's just a 20 gallon and a ten gallon reef tanks. I think they are so hot because they are small bodies of water so they heat up fast. Thinking this cause my 54 gallon is cooler.

The 20 gallon is completely open top with a coralife aqualight fixture over it. The ten gall has a smaller similar fixture on it w/ glass top because I had a baby tomato clown jump. I just took the back half of the glass off so only the front ~3 inches of glass is on the tank. The ten gallon is about two feet away from the 54 gallon and the 54 gallon is 3 or 4 degrees cooler.
I use a floor fan accross my 125, dropped the temp from 82 to 76-77. For your set up you can probably get away with a clip on fan.
I checked the temps this morning and they are back to normal at 80 degrees. The 20 gallon reef is in my dining room, which has a ceiling fan in the room about 5 feet away from and 8 feet above the tank. Last night when I checked the temp I realize now that the fan wasn't on. I'll leave the fan on all the time now and see how the temperature is, I think if I just leave it on I wont need to do anything since the tank is open top. The 54 gallon and ten gallon are both in my bedroom. The 54 gallon is stable at 80-81. The ten gallon was about 84 last night now it's back to 80 so I'll look for a clip-on fan to put over it.
I went to Walmart and Lowes today and neither had anything that looked suitable. They did have clip on fans but they were way to big, 7 inches.

I looked in the drsfostersmith.com catalog and the azoo cooling fan looks good for $18 but it's on back order til july and the only other places I could find the same thing at were UK stores. I'm gonna run the AC constant now to help it.
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