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Dec 15, 2004
I just got a TDS meter because i have been having algea problems..and was just wondering what my TDS was at comming out of my RO/DI Unit, I checked today and it is 0ppm comming out of my RO unit and around 150ppm comming straight out of the faucet so it seems it is doing what it should.

If im getting a reading of 0ppm is it possible that i read anything for phosphates? when i do the test it looks like it says about .2 but its hard to tell with them. I was thinking about taking a little of my water to get tested at the LFS and see what it says.

My plants for my refugium are comming in the next day or 2 so after i put those in i hope it will help clean up my hair algea.
It is still possible to have phosphates. Phosphates could be coming from the foods you are feeding. I'd also test your water change water, just as a precaution to see if your salt is adding anything.
I'm not feeding the tank right now becaues the fish havent got moved back in. So the tank hasnt had food in it for a about a 2 months.

Can i use the digital TDS meter on saltwater too, would it being saltwater mess anything up?

It has to be comming from my water because it seems everytime i do a water change is when i see the algae bloom. Im going to keep the lights of for a week and let it die down for right now

You said it is still possible for phosphates to still be there, would it be possible for it to be in my RO water w/ a 0ppm reading or were you saying that it could be comming from my food? I was a little confused on that. TIA
you can use a tds in saltwater, but i don't think it'll do ya any good. the salt and trace elements found within will all contribute to a high reading i would would expect.

someone can correct me if im wrong
A TDS meter willl not pickup phosphates, you should test the ro/di water with a test kit. And you TDS meter will go nuts in saltwater.

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