"Temporary" tank for merging Autumnsky's 2 SW nanos

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Apr 4, 2012
Northern Colorado, USA
2 nano tanks need to combine this week. My 12G Mr. Aqua rectangle shape tank, and a 6.6G Edge tank.

This is "temporary" until I find the right deal on a nicer SW 35 Gallonish tank.

My options were a 20G long /20G H or my 46G Bowfront.

Just for the ease of care for 3 fish I picked the 46G bowfront. It is a nice looking tank and just sitting in my living room empty.

I need to make RO water for the tank. I have some salt / been buying prepared SW from the store because I don't need much of it.

Also I have a 36" basic light for the tank a Beamswork blue white.

And a too long 48" Orbit Marine used by someone for only a few months before they got a new tank.

Also rather not make an algae farm out of the tank either.

My only other light for SW atm is a PAR 38W.

Last night picked up a 20G bag of CaribSea Alive Black Hawaiian sand and already had some maybe 20 lbs in the 12G. Reg. 29.99 for $16.19 Love price matching. Need one more bag I think since I am using a bigger tank (was gonna be a 20G) than initially thought.

Also side note I have a Rubbermaid tote still cycling 50 lbs of rock since early fall. (6 - 7 months maybe). Feeding it fish food every week or 2. Was better about feeding it months ago Feel like for 3 months was very good at that. Last few winter months not as good. So maybe not a super good bacteria colony.

Living things

2 Blue Green Chromis and
Should I get a bunch

one 5+ yellow Clown Goby.
Would like a few more in time

Just a hand full of corals
Yellow Polyps Colony 1 small, 1 medium
Cabbage Leather sm-med
Rock Flower Anemone
Couple Duncan Frags
3-4 surviving heads of Frogspawn
Couple Pinwheels polyps
Double Blue Scroll Chalice frag
Purple and orange Lepestrea frag
Red Flower pot Frag back from thought to be dead
Tiny Purple and Green Fungia/Plate Coral size of a dime

A bunch of heads of the Electric Green Candy Cane that was dying and threw off all the tops (anyone know what I can do for them) now they are just laying around the tank little bright green dots. We had a sad period with the alk being too low.

I think there is a mushroom or 2 but not positive if it is hiding or dead.

A big bunch of Black Codium,
A decent size ball and a smaller clump of Chaetomorpha

Mexican Turbo snails 2-3
Handful of nassarius snails
2 Nerites
Dwarf Planaxis some, they are so tiny
Limpets who knows, I see them on the glass all the time.
Dwarf Ceriths a few
Zig Zag Periwinkles Most were eaten by Hermits I think
Maybe a couple of Hermits
Tiny Feather dusters /tubes the size of a pencil lead

Had a small Blue Banded Coral shrimp (gets~1 inch) Always hiding too.

and a regular color Pistol shrimp (which I always would think was dead but would find him in his home under the rocks the past 3-4 tank changes (several years). It has been so long I would think he passed away by now.

Haven't seen the last Sexy shrimp or the Pom Pom crab for a long while.
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Hi Autumn! I remember you! :) **wave**

Good start and very thorough! If it's temporary I wouldn't worry too much about the sand bed depth and volume. I tried the balck sand a long time ago and found it to be very abrasive with my magfloat among other things. looks awesomethough doesn't it? lol

As far as the candycanes, if they have dropped their heads they are done. I tried to pick them up one and corral them into a little tub and they just evnetually melted. If there is no flesh left on the stalks them it's game over. :-(

Good luck with your new adventure!
Where have you been!?!?!?!

Long time no "see". Wonderful to have you chime in on this issue! Thank you for
helping me out!


So I was (already pulled in the parking lot when your message was seen) at the lfs to get the Black Hawaiian sand.

When I got to the spot where the sand WAS yesterday, there was none. Checked in with the associate and they were out until next week or so.

So, because of your comment about the scratchiness of the sand (and yes black looks awesome and don't see poops and stuff as much) I went with the CaribSea Arag-Alive! Bahamas Oolite. Typical Size: 0.25 - 1.0mm

I like the chunky pink shells too might add some in on the permanent build later.

My 6.6G nano is Garnet Sand which I also really enjoy. 12G is the Hawaiian Black. So NEW sand will be a change and fun to see how I like it.

LFS said to bring back the other sand for a refund.

So here goes, going to add some water and salt to correct salinity with the sand and if enough time will add the cycling live rock.

Need to do more to wipe the messiness from inside of the tank. Not super dirty but not great. Seems to have some bad evap residue at the top. Rolling up the sleeves time!
Got the most of the rock in, and mixed my own salt in 5G buckets. :)

Now 2/3 full, I have a cloudy tank. Will add the clear up liquid tomorrow.

A bunch of the rock has some algae on some side as they were sitting under the deck and but in winter the light hit the just enough. I turned a tub over and to block it a month or 2 ago. Scrubbed off a bunch of them will see what's up maybe just let the tank sit dark for a week.

Realized I need a background. The last background on this tank was a black trash bag!
Will Porcelain Crabs get along/coexist with Pom Pom Crabs and Sexy shrimp?

EDIT: and the pistol shrimp if he still lives and or the tiny 1" Blue Banded Coral Shrimp...

It seems from online seller Reef Cleaners, that they kind of keep to themselves in a group.
(and no Peppermint shrimp, lol)

Any knowledge / thoughts about this combo?

I think I will paint it the background.

Water is halfway cleared /only using a bubbler overnight, water was too low to hook up the hob filter. Adding more water and the heater, then a filter.
Thank you.

Added the rest of the water into the tank.

BUT one more problem, couldn't find the intake for the 110 Aqua Clear HOB. Ordered the 2 pieces - will be here in 2 days.

Whilst looking for a misc extra filter and or tube in the storage closet spent an hour or so lightly reorganizing the fish stuff mess. Throwing away some bags and empty boxes too.

Thinking I am currently using all the smaller ones HOB filters. Might have to steal one of the 2 off of the QT, just to clear it up.

Heater is running well and water temp is good. Just so bummed out it isn't clear right now.

I am using Aquavitro Salinity. Got it for a deal awhile back and read some people had a cloudiness issue. The 4 - 5G buckets I mixed today with warm water were clear after a couple hours. My tank is cloudy again kicking up all the silty particles. But a filter should fix that.

Found a polishing filter pad and plenty of bulk filter to help clear it up, maybe use that.

The little extra filter on the QT is a AC 50 - might just throw that on for a day or 2.
This a pic of some, but there are about 12 heads of the old Candy Cane.

These have been around for a few weeks. :facepalm: Wish I could go back in time. To have caught the error before it was too late.

Update here is got the sand and stones in the 46G temporary SW tank.

Emptied the 12G nano, Fish coral and rocks IN!!!

Moved the Black Codium into the tank from the 6.6G. Had to do A LOT of fuzzy algae removal from some edges. Overall it could have been worse...

Got the AquaClear 110 intake tube from the online order. AND found the top part in a misplaced box so can keep or return the new one. Hooking that up Sunday.

Haven't decided what media to use in it. Figure for now just some filter floss and sponges.

Can't remember if I mentioned it or not but it has the AC50 Put a pouch of Phosguard in it.

Also still have the AC20 running which I will take off when I put on the AC110.

Emptied the 12G Mr Aqua rectangle nano and got the SW tank sand into a tote to dry out. Might use it for house plants.

Wiped off a bunch of algae with baking soda and my hands in the tank. Couldn't find my fish tank magic eraser. It is the heavy duty one and I just had it last week. It now needs a cleaning to sparkle a

The 2 Blue Green Chromis seem to be very happy with all the swim room. Poor guys, they were supposed to move 6 months ago.

So This leaves me with the 6.6G

Moved some rubble rock already and the Codium and there are mostly a 3 larger stones buried pretty heavy in the sand.

I will be looking for my 2 crabs. So I will leave the rock I think the Pistol shrimp is under for last.

Anyone ever add a few more Chromis to their tank - How did it go?

I think I have 2 males because they are so blue. But was thinking of 4 or 5 more of them. 1 male and 4 females or just 4 females. I keep reading how peaceful they are and get along in groups. But have a pecking order.

The reason I only have 2 was because there were only these two left. Clerk saying that their would be another shipment the next week. But they came in sick or dead / unsaleable. Then read a pair is good but after reading more and more now that they are older, I think they must be 2 males. They tolerate, chase and hang around each other. Any thoughts?

Then the big thing is locating the Current Orbit with ramp timer. I do need the timer but not sure where it is in my mess of boxes.
Chromis are tricky. They like to be in schools, usually an odd numbered schooling. They are claimed to be peaceful, but I don't think they are to themselves. A large school of Chromis will slowly start loosing numbers until there is one left...for you to then add more and the story repeat again.
Maybe just have 2 Chromis for now. They pal around well enough.

We will be getting a "Nemo".

I thought Percula, at least have been planning that for a couple years. Lfs says will order whenever I want him to.

Anyone have any thoughts of a Percula single or pair being better than the Ocellaris single or pair?

I have a pair of Saddleback Clownfish I gave to a friend to try and breed, he tells me I can always have them back. They came from Sustainable Aquatics from the Denver MACNA event 2014. After all this time I do not think they will breed for him. Also told him if he found a good home for them would be alright with me to rehome them.

Brown Saddleback Clownfish

Here is the lastest tank update
So it has been a big chore but I got the 2 nanos down and now have the temporary 46G bowfront SW tank 90% - still need to get the light figured out.

You just can't think ahead all the little things, like about 30-40 shells from demised snails critters, moving tiny 2-3mm Limpets, avoiding little Bristleworms, finding tube worms and trying to save them after lifting their rock sand tubes, tiny little pieces from the Codium, pieces of corals, and tiny mini Feather dusters type creatures - the size of big pencil leads. Live snails that live in the sand... so many tiny pieces of coral rock from the 6.6G and 12G which seem out of place in a 46G.

I have 2 containers of small pieces of Codium which I would be concerned it getting sucked up in the filter and very small pieces of rock rubble an inch to few inches and old dead corals and coral frags.

Had a breeder net for them, and then found when I pulled it out of the box, there was a frame and NO NET! Not very useful... I am going to buy one tomorrow and hold all the small pieces of Codium and the trenta starbucks cup of rocks and and 2 8 ounce cups of shells and little stuff.

Also the filter had a bunch of those tiny feather duster type guys, not sure if they are still alive but I am running an air bubbler just in case. I am sending the filter over to a friend with the SW Edge tank in her new set up, where if they are alive they can continue their lives.
But what about behavior/personality?

As an example I have heard so many nightmare stories about Maroon Clowns I would avoid them, even though they are very attractive fish.

Bought the breeder net kit WITH a net this time. Going now to put in all the bits and pieces, might even need one more for the other side.
Got the Codium and heads from the Electric Green Candy Cane in the breeder net. So bummed the ECC didn't stay in good health. I picked up 15, maybe 20 little bity head circles, including some like pin heads. Easy to see on the substrate because they are so bright. Most were green pea sized. And would expand in light and deflate in dimness or when touched.

Not sure if they just continue to decrease in size or could grow, sounds like they will dwindle away to nothing eventually. :(

Watched a couple videos of how to set up the Current Marine light and now I need to figure out where the Ramp pro timer is and the remote :?

I still have a starbucks trenta size of rubble to find a media or net bag to hold (too heavy for another breeder net I think after looking at it).

Other smaller Codium pieces I will transfer to the breeder net mixed in with those.

Anyhow hoping for the light to be up tomorrow. It is annoying to be moving the PAR 38 LED to different areas each 8-12 hours all day every day.

I have this wave maker used from the CAS Auction. Thinking of making a needlepoint plastic frame cage around the out flow to keep out what ever snails or curious cleaner want to try and get blended up.
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The personality of clowns is just like children. Some behave, some sit still, don't don't. Some like tomato clowns can be more aggressive than others...but it is still a shot in the dark. I have been a fan of introducing an aggressive bully tomato clown to my purple tang. Became very docile after that.
Oh, and I finished rinsing the sand from the second tank - 6.6G garnet sand. The sand from the 12G needed to be shifted and is almost dry now, the Hawaiian black sand.

Took the leftover rock from the plastic tote and rinsed out the dead Chaeto which either or both didn't get enough light and or froze out side on the porch after I took out the heater.

Took the last of the rock and small bits of the still live Chaeto to see if I could get it to grow out, might add that to the other side of the tank and get another breeder net. Had to rinse and rinse it! Left over bits both rock and Chaeto are in a gallon pitcher sitting on the back porch with a bubbler in it.

One container still inside the house with the macroalgae bits from the other round of removal.

Going tomorrow to grab a number of snails Check on some Clownfish options. If good deal found will be an Easter surprise for the grandson. Who already enjoys fish tanks and helping.
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