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Dec 31, 2005
i added my 25lbs live rocks on 1/18, not even 2 weeks ago. and the test result i got today - 0 NH3, 0.05 NO2, 50 NO3. how come i have NO3 Nitrate already for that short period of time??? i am using the redsea master SW test kit. btw, it's a 30g long. what happen to my cycle?? help
My tank had the same results in about the same time. IMO it sounds like your cycle is nearing the end. Did you use uncured lr or shrimp to start the cycle? What were your readings before?
What size tank? Was the LR cured or un-cured? Purchased online or at the LFS? It is likely your cycle is coming to an end. I am sure the LR helped with this. Wait until NO2 is at zero and then do a large (50%) water change with aged and SW. After that, keep and eye on NH3, NO2 and NO3 for the next week or so. If all levels check out your tank is cycled. Keep in mind that adding livestock to a new tank needs to be done very slowly. One fish every couple of weeks. This will give the newly established biological filter a chance to catch up with the increased in bioload.
it's a 30g long tank. i bought the LR online from liveaquaria.com. they are "Drs. Foster & Smith's Select Fiji Premium Live Rock". i can't believe the cycle is this fast hehehe.. oh my god. maybe the live rock really helped because they look totally different than the live rock from LFS. full of color and live. also the overnight shipping helps i guess
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