Tetra filter vs. Aqua filter?

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Mar 18, 2006
Maineville, Ohio
Any good advice on filters...as of now, I have the Aqua Clear Aquarium Filters by Hagen. Aqua Clear Filters are designed to provide excellent mechanical, chemical and biological filtration. A large capacity for filtration media allows efficient waste capture. Refiltration grid ensures that all water is directed through the media and fully filtered. I have a 10 gallon but seem to have to refill water very frequently, I do water 25-50% water changes weekly. I have been researching the Tetra Whisper Power Filters. Product Information: (according to lfs)
A clean, sparkling aquarium begins with the proper filtration. Tetra Whisper Power Filters are a favorite of aquatic hobbyists because of their constant reliability and their ability to effectively provide 3-way filtration. These self-starting filters feature a free Bio-Bag filter cartridge with all sizes; Triad 30, 40, & 60 models also include free samples of Bio-Foam and Aqua Safe Water Conditioner. Any suggestion on which filtration system you all like better...love to hear your advice...thanks :D
I prefer the Aquaclear for a very simple reason; it is cheaper to run, in the long run. You can run 2 sponges in the AC, leave out the carbon. When you need to clean, just squeeze out the sponges and reuse. They will last for many years before they start to disintegrate. Another feature I like about the AC is that all but the 110 use the same motor, so you can get different flow rates by changing the impeller. If you want to polish the water you can add a bit of floss or polyester batting between the 2 sponges. In my view, the AC is the best value in a HOB. I wouldn't buy anything else. Just ignore the instructions about discarding the sponges. There is no need to, until they fall apart. I have some that are over ten years old.
thanks Bill, I appreciate the advice, I'll stick with what I have...love to save money anyway! You know sometimes the lfs tries to upgrade or sell you more stuff and the carbon filters were one of those items. Of coarse I have 3 extras now, but the sponge idea seems much better. thanks again :)
it helps remove meds when placed in the tank? that is helpful, I'll remember that. I have a sick fish at the present so will leave the carbon in for now...thanks
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