That Giant Sucking Sound....

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Nov 27, 2006
Charlotte, NC
Well, got the new ASM G-3 skimmer. It pretty much plugged in and played with minimal adjusting tha produced about a 1/4" of skimmate overnite.

Initially the unit was pleasantly quite. (I have to admit, this may be why I subconsciously broke the old one, it was tremendously noisy and annoying). However, overnite it seems to have developed a fairly lound slurping/sucking sound from what i guess is water in the venturi tube. Is there anyway to prevent this??

i got the same problem..
i used powerhead equiped with venturi valve. it's very noisy.
i tried to put a some kind a muffler in the venturi air intake tip, the noisy sound reduced but also the air bubble...

is there another solution to make venturi less noise without reduce the function?
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