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Apr 23, 2006
About 8 years ago my mom and I bought a 27 gallon Eclipse tank. Keep in mind that I've been able to manage tanks from 5 gallons to 90 gallons; however, this tank was always a problem. No matter what, it would never be crystal clear. As time went on, we kept basic fish in it... tetras, etc. Never overloading it.

Fast forward, I'm now in college and a little bit more experienced with tanks. My mom gave up on this tank and wanted to give it to me. I took it as a challenge.

I got it... put six cichlids in it... and low and behold, the curse continues. The ammonia will not go below 3-4. I've tried poly filters, all types of carbon & chemicals... nothing.

Needless to say, I'm done with the tank as well. I'd rather spend my time with my saltwater tank.

However, my question is... is there any proper way to clean the inside of the tank if I wanted to give it a go again?

I've never resurrected a tank such as that... so never really did that.

Let me know! Thanks!
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