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Aug 29, 2004
Miami, Fla
Im thinking of setting up a tank with a caribbean/west indies theme. I will have a 50 gal tank. approximately 75 pounds of lr and ls. A Remora c pro with prefilter. But I have no idea what fish or inverts to get. Please help me.

P.S what substrate do you recommend.
Live rock and live sand? Are you talking about a Salt Water tank? If so, report your post and it will be moved to the proper forum :D

*edit: I read your other posts and decided this post was made late at night and you're VERY TIRED! :wink:
In case I am mistaken this is the post area for salt water tanks? If it's not please move it. P.S how did you know? I made this post at G-D knows when at night.
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