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Oct 3, 2004
Apalachin, NY
I've moved three digital thermometers to the same tank and found that they all give different readings of water temperature... up to a 2 degree difference... two of the three also read air temperature, and these are 3.5 degrees off. Does anyone have a good recommendation for a reliable, accurate thermometer? Also, what is reaslistic accuracy? +/- 1 maybe?

A degree or two isn’t going to affect the tank as long as whatever temp you keep it at remains stable and under 83. Personally I use the Coralife Digital Thermometer which hasn’t given me any trouble.
I have tried the digitals, but IMO nothing beat the good old glass thermoter for price, acuracy and realiability.

Agree though consitent Temp is more important than thermeter acuracy.
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Micah...holy crap your alive!
My company kept sending me out of town for testing/training on a new software upgrade but we finally went "live" with the new version so I finally have time again for AA :)
I have a glass one also but I am seriously thinking about changing another type as I have read about people that theirs cracked or malfunctioned and the results were not pretty.
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