Thinking of trying Oceanic salt

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Nov 12, 2003
Springfield, MO
Hey everyone, just wanted some input from all of you that care to give it to me. I know that we had a large 7 page thread about oceanic recently, but it was more associated with the cost rather than performance. I currently use Reef Crystals and will need a new bucket next week. Whats the word on oceanic now that the hype is fading out?
Supposing I do switch, do I just do my 10% weekly changes like normal only with the new salt, or do I need to do it in smaller quantities?

Your input is always appreciated.
I switched from IO (to Oceanic) just to try a bucket, I just switched right over and everything seemed to like it, it also dissolves very fast which is nice. I have no problem with IO either. But it seems like with every salt you have to adjust the alk and ca and stuff after you do a water change any way no matter what hehe
I am brand new to this, but I found Oceanic Salt to be very nice and also very quick disolving. (not to mention very nicely priced.) my only complaint is that you must add more salt then recommended on the tub to reach a proper SG of 1.025. ( but this is mainly a newbie problem. most all companies give instructions for lower SG's.)
I love Oceanic Salt as well. I personally think its the best salt there ever was as well..

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