This has been an outstanding 4 weeks for incredible deals

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Dec 14, 2004
Well, for the past few weeks, i have been making various posts about new aquisitions. well, to be honest, I figured i would just make one list of everything i snagged:

5 corydoras Julii
5 corydoras Sterabi
8 blue eye popo rainbows
7 threadfin rainbows
6 golden guppies
1 hartz vintage breeding trap (NIB)
1 Emperor 280 w/ biowheel
2 queen arabesques (L-260)
1 female double read CT betta
and new tonight, i snagged 2 more gold striped panaques for $14 total.

I can't get over what i snagged to be honest. I think it is pure luck!
Hopefully that will be the eand of my posts for some time
Yeah, about $360-$375 worth of stuff for a total of what.....$120-$140? Can't complain about that kind of luck! Of course, you are rapidly on your way to becoming a king O' catfish.

I though Duane was going to die when he saw those gold-stripes going for $7-$8 each...I was pretty stunned myself.

At this rate, you will be giving me a serious run for my money for the title of 'deal king' for Calgary.
Your really lucky! I saw the Julii and Sterabi corydoras, yet they were $8.80 (convertedd into US) and i was gonnag et some, but then I saw a poor golden ram absolutely covered in ich in the same tank.

Yes, I agree, you must get some new tanks
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