Timer for MH?

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Feb 3, 2009
Hello All,
I am going to travel for a few days and planning to use my cheap timer, Marineland Aquarium Light Timer obtained from Petco by around $10, for my 70W Metal Halide from fishneedit. I have read in somewhere that cheap timer can be dangerous for using MH, is this set up alright? If not, which timer will be safe to use? Any suggestions will be appreciated. Thanks.
Welcome to the site. Since this is a safety issue I will let someone with more direct knowledge chime in on this good Question.
I believe it would just be a matter of whether the timer is rated for the current draw which at 70 watts is not that high so I would say it would be safe but keep an eye on it at first for signs of overheating.
I just use a heavy duty timer I got from HD or Lowes years ago. The 1 timer controls all 3 of my 175w MH ballasts. It looks very similar to the 1 linked to above. Nothing fancy and it works fine.
Thank you

Thank you very much all for kind responses. I will now try mine with confidence and take a look at it if there is no problem.
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