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Mar 20, 2012
I have tried 5 various timers for my lights and none have worked.

Any ideas or suggestions as to why they havent worked or what timer to get
Tried those and ones from target and different brands as well
Ya it works just fine plugged in but once its on the timer it wont work at all
Some timers will not work on lights that have a ballast like Fluorescent types. You will need one that makes a mechanical connection or has a relay inside.
I haven't used timers for decades. I use a X-10 system with 3 prong appliance modules controlled by my PC.

What size and type of light? Sometimes small or older lights won't work with timers.
I just use a 4 dollar one from Walmart. Took me a minute to figure how to set it up right. Now that I do it works great. Have it set from 7am to 10pm. And so far 3 weeks in it has worked well.
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