Timing of adding fish, corals & anenomes

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Aug 18, 2016
West Harrison, New York
Looking at a 50g w/sump pump below, 23"W x 14"D v 26"H. I've had a few FOWLR's but my 1st time considering corals & an anenome with fish.
Please provide suggestions as to the timing of fish, anenomes (the only fish I know definitely are two Clowns) and corals, what do I add 1st, second then 3rd.

Also, as a bonus, suggestions for types of fish, corals & anenomes will be greatly appreciated.
That's not really an ideal "fish" tank for many species but would do well with inverts. Corals should be first but you will need to have good lighting depending on what you want to keep. 26" deep can pose a problem for some corals due to lack of light at the bottom or be a blessing for lower light needing corals if your lighting isn't strong enough or cause you to get expensive lighting to reach the bottom of the tank if you want only high light needing corals. Same with the anemones. Fish should be species that are not big swimmers. Fish such as Clownfish, Firefish, Gobies, Blennies , Hawkfish, fall into this category. ( Clownfish can be territorial so they should be the last fish added.) You'll want to get your corals and anemones settled and doing well before adding any fish.
Hope this helps.
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