tiny starfish suspected of SPS damage

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Sep 1, 2008
oklahoma city, ok
I know a pic would help but i dont have on yet. Anyways my sps are all dieing and when i pulled out one today i found what loked like 2 very tiny star fish latched on to him does anyone have any ideas about this?
sounds like an asteria star and sounds like you have the type that munches on coral. They reproduce like crazy so keep an eye out for em and remove them every chance you get.
I agree with gearhead, if it looks like a starfish on your SPS.. and all of your SPS are dying.. then it could be the coral munching relative of the asterina sea star. Either that.. or flatworms. Do you see all of these sea stars on all of the SPS that you have? Or did you just happen to finda couple on just that piece of coral?
Many fish and invertebrates are attracted to coral tissue remnants so to say the stars are the cause isn't accurate; however, they are very opportunistic and have been observed consuming various coral tissues.
Yea it is thoses little guys, and I do have a flat worm outbreak as well. After a year and a half my tank is going threw h$ll. I think my dieing corals are more to do with my new calcium reactor which I had trouble dialing in right. I'm thinking a combo of all of it ( some other mistakes I didn't include) was too much and my corals pairs for it live and learn
Have you been able to rule out water parameters? Lighting or flow problems?
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