Toadstool coral

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Dec 31, 2009
Goldsboro, NC
I have had this coral two weeks today and his tentacles are still retracted.
seems he has finished molting but he is just doing nothing. giving reef trace biweekly. Moderate lt, moderate flow, Wish I knew what to do to make it happy. Water parameters stable and do 10 percent changes weekly.
Your best bet would be to stop feeding it until it tells you it is looking for food. the second thing is patience.
What type of light is it under? Where is it in the tank with respect to light and flow?
What is best to feed?
It is on opposite end of #1 powerhead close to remora skimmer
36 gal tank
T5 light
About mid height or less
What is best to feed?
It is on opposite end of #1 powerhead close to remora skimmer
36 gal tank
T5 light
About mid height or less

It doesn't like something. Obvious, I know.... but I'm not quite sure what. I've never seen any euphyllia act like that. Have a pic by chance? If it's retreating entirely into it's tube as described, I'll make an assumption. Please tell me if I am wrong. It's a single head? If so, where did it come from? How long since it was fragged?

What are the water parameters stable at?

How can you tell when it's hungry by the way?

A healthy FS will inflate and extend.
What is best to feed?
they really don't need food. they are photosynthetic and get nutrition from sunlight. you have to be careful what you add to a closed system, for this can foul the water very quickly.
i would try moving it to different areas of the tank. try lowering it.
They dont need to be target fed. They get all they need from the lighting and water column.
Toadstool pic

Just tested water, did 12% chg yesterday in 36 gal tank
Remora Skimmer and #1 powerhead, T5 fixture
Nitrates 0.5-
Calcium 340
Ammonia 0+
Ph too high (8.6) when did that happen:eek:
Salinity 1.024
Temp 77.2
The colt coral is looking pretty good. Chili is asleep. Ricordea seems
to be growing up there. What do ya'll think? How can I get that ph
down quickly!!


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Your pH will vary depending on what time of the day you test it and how long you leave your lights on for etc. I would imagine it will regulate somewhat throughout the day.

Did you let the water mix for 24hrs previous to the PWC?
Yes, I have to get the ph up before I can think about changing water as it is
well water and I have a countertop RO unit. I use target ease to get the ph up
and a powerhead in the 5 gallon buckets blowing it around, so I have it mixed
almost a week ahead. I start on Sunday after the Sat. water change getting my
next water ready. I wonder if the ph is too high. He hasn't shown his polyps but
one time, but he has just sat there and shed one time and now has a mixture of
shiny and dry areas on him. He is not happy with something. I wish he'd show off. He doesn't seem to be at deaths door though.
Let us know what the PH is about an hour before the lights go out. Usually PWC`s will adjust your PH.
I have timer on 1 until 9, is that enough light. It is in my son's room
and I hate to leave them on and keep him awake.
Should I start light earlier. Is Toady high enough in there?
I'll check ph around 8 for you.
chili? good luck with that one. that's another coral that's better left in the ocean. that does get all of it's nutrients from the water column. most tanks don't have enough in the water to sustain them.
i would wait and see if the ph balances out on it's own. i wouldn't be adding anything at this point.
The chili shrinks in the day and probably doubles at night now
but seems to sag. I have only seen it bloom one time and my
Angel worried it to death, but he doesn't anymore. I have had it
about 3 weeks and it hasn't croaked yet. We'll see how it goes.
I'll watch the ph, do you recommend ph down? Do you add calcium
for soft corals? Mine is at 320-40 now. Everybody seems happy though.
I'm gonna do a complete water, filter chg next weekend before we head out
on vacation and leave my mother in charge. hmmmmmm.
i don't recommend ph down. i would wait and see what happens. it's the drastic ups and downs that causes losses.
What do you think is drastic just for future reference.
drastic low? drastic high? Do you use reef trace or any
other supplements in your tank?
i mean any drastic altering ph so it drops from 8.6 to 8.2 instantly.....drastic like that. i don't think you are crazy out of whack. no supplements besides bulk reef supply Ca, alk, and mag. (and these are only needed in the event of a heavily stocked sps reef)
weekly water changes do the rest.
I agree. Never do a 100% PWC in SW. It`s too drastic and your parameters will change too radically. Just do some 15 to 20% PWC`s and you`ll be OK. Trace elements can be replenished simply by doing PWC`s. Supplements are not needed.
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