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Apr 19, 2003
Beacon, New York
I currently have 2x175W 20k CoralVue MH bulbs on my 55gal tank and i love the lighting, but i miss the glow i used to get with my actinics. I was thinking of adding 2x33W 03NO Actinics to my current setup. I also have a 16LED strand of Home Made Moonlights. Do you think that would be TOO much blue in the tank?
if the MH is currently the only lighting, I would deffintely add some actinics. 2x33w would not be too much. (i might actually give it a little more, 2x55 maybe) the LEDs I would reserve for actual night use.
I think you'll find the tank very blue with the actinics, whether it is too blue...your personal taste will have to dictate that. If you go to and look at the CV 20K pics with actinics, it will give you an idea of how blue it will be after the actinics have burned in, but it needs to be noted those bulbs are 250W and the actinics are vho. FWIW, I am about to upgrade to 250W 20K XM and plan on running my actinics, this may change after burnin if I think it's too blue, but right now that is the plan.
I didn't realize the 20k MH were that blue. I guess I showed my ignorance on that one :?

Thats an awesome lighting comparison site Kev! Got that one bookmarked for later perusal :)
Thats an awesome lighting comparison site Kev!

I agree! Thanks for the links. I think im gonna give it a try. I already have a NO ballast and 03 bulbs. I have just been procrastinating on the mounting part :roll:
If you guys ever get extremly bored, here is the huge thread on RC with the comparrisons etc... >>Here<<
I finally did it. I tore open my T8 striplight and used its guts to retrofit some actinics into my hood. I am only using 2 of the 4 leads available because i could only fit 2 bulbs under there with all the other wiring, and lights. I mounted the balast under there too. I cut a couple of peaces of plastic off of the striplight casing and used it as standoffs for the ballast. I cut the reflector, and stapled the peaces int to the hood. I think it looks good. I got dusk and dawn cycles back for my tank which is better for them and Im happy that i got that GLOW back for my corals and fish.
Here is a pic of the hood, but I am having trouble focusing my cam with just the actinics on. I made the mistake of Flashing the ROM on my camara, now its like i have to learn everything all over again. :roll: So I dont have any pics of the tank yet.
Dude, that is the ugliest Christmas tree I've ever seen, and they got white and green and red lights too ;)

Looking good. But how does it look over the tank?
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