Too much flow?

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Jan 2, 2012
Hello all...

I just set up my fist saltwater tank 6 days ago. It is a 29gal FOWLR. Here's what I got so far...

20lbs Worldwide Imports live sand
5lbs Caribsea live sand
10lbs crushed coral
18lbs Fiji live rock
15lbs dry rock for colonization/cultivation

I started things off with a small pinch of fish food. I also have a friend who owns a LFS and he said he would give me some type of ammonia, ammonium chloride or something?, to bypass waiting for ammonia production. I have a good hydrometer and a test kit that tests calcium, carbonate hardness, nitrate, and phosphate. I know I still need an ammonia kit.

So my tank came with an Aqueon Quietflow filtration system, which I believe is a piece of crap. So I got a Marineland Emperor 400 and set it up. The guy at the LFS said that I could put both systems on the tank.

Anyway, I know that you can never have too much filtration, but what about flow? I don't want my fish to feel like they are constantly getting flushed down a toilet. The Emperor is 400gal/hr and I believe the Aqueon is like 190. Is that too much turbulence if I set both of them up together?

Thanks in advance for any help...

Justin C
No just gonna start out with FOWLR and then eventually upgrade lighting and everything on my way to a reef.
RizingSoul said:
No just gonna start out with FOWLR and then eventually upgrade lighting and everything on my way to a reef.

It's good flow then. It won't bother the fish. They live in reefs with more than double your current flow sometimes.
i actually like my aqueon quietflow filter. it has its own bio filtration built into the silencer and has great flow through it. also when we talk about flow we do not talk about the flow of the power filters, the flow is base on powerheads and the ammount of water they push around.

power filters simple suck water that is already flowing in the tube and pushees it out onto the surface, there is not much flow below the surface
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