Too much light?

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Jun 19, 2003
Albany, NY
I bought a 36" hood with 2 x150w metal halides and 2x36 W T5 actinic (

I have a 6' 125 gal tank and have it on one side next to my 36" 2x96 power compacts from my 46 gal tank that we took down.

I'm trying to decide what lights to do for the rest of the tank even considering a 24" hood

If I do another 36" 2x 150 w with the T5 actinic lights it would be 7.5 watts per gallon. I don't want to bleach the live rock!!!!!!!!

Any ideas on keeping the lighting under control?

The metal halides are beautiful but I'm afraid with one for a 3' section of tank there will be too many shadows.
The lighting sounds good to me. I am running almost 9w per gallon on a 75.

When you go to MH, the WPG rule really doesn't apply. The light source will be more of a direct source for the animals. I know someone who has 4 X 400 watt MH on his 125 and it is awesome. The 4 150's in your case may not even be enough for light demanding corals.

I say you have nothing to worry about in the too much light category..
I agree w/ Timbo. FWIW I have over 10 wpg on my 55 gal using a MH/VHO combo. It's a bit too much for coralline and low light corals, except in shaded areas. Fluorescent lights generally work best for coralline, but zoo's, clams, SPS, and some LPS love MH. 150's on a 125 gal will not be an issue, and I would even recommend 250's if you plan on housing more light demanding animals such as SPS, Crocea/Maxima clams, etc. HTH and good luck.
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