touchy CPR BakPak skimmer

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Feb 27, 2006
St Petersburg FL
I am constantly fiddling with this thing...seems like it can't go 2 days without requiring adjustment. Are they always this picky or is mine just weird? I bought it used on Ebay but replaced the PH just in case (MJ1200). I am always adjusting the air intake knob; too much one way and I get microbubbles all over the tank, too much the other way and I get no foam.
Sounds like you can use a bubble diffuser and that company makes them for their skimmers. Good idea to look into it. In the mean time, try using a piece of sponge at the mouth of the out take (just place it right on top there).

I love their skimmers, but yeah...a bit too tempermental with the bubbles...
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