Undergravel plates put to use!

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Sep 25, 2017
I have 2 bigger angels and a smaller one. Little guy was getting nipped at and chased, fins are starting to look bad. So I came up with an idea to solve it. I pulled my undergravel plates and decided to use them for a divider till my little guy gets alittle bigger and I get more cover. Lol! We're gonna see how good it works. ?1512785966790.jpgso far so good, but we'll see...
If your divider doesn't work out, might try an extra large floating, net mesh breeder basket. It would be less intrusive compared to the divider.
They are just gonna have to try and get along now. Pulled it out last week and put my little guy in a 2 gallon plastic hex tank(just the container) for a few more days to get him cleared up from the nipped fins. Floating on top of 75 gallon with a air stone.Now everything is back normal. Big ones still chase him alittle. But I think he's alittle faster now with healthy fins. Gonna try to get more angels after X-mas. That way little dude ain't so lonely. We'll c. Got a big 2 pc castle coming too, so that will help with some more cover in the tank for now.
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