Upgrading Lights

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MacDracor said:
Thanks. Next question on this topic. For the second bulb, I want something actinic to bring out the colors, but as I understand it, actinic bulbs don't really do anything for the corals themselves. Would a 50/50 bulb (half full spectrum 6,500k, half actinic) provide the desired effect of assisting photosynthesis and helping the colors pop?

That might work, you could also add some blue LED strip lights.
Check out ATI Blue Plus. That bulb really makes a tank look awesome. A couple of those and you'll love the blue.
How would a 50/50 bulb affect the whole "desired wattage per gallon" equation? Maybe consider half the bulb's watts as applying?
It would depend on the lamp. Some lamps put out more usable light than others of the same wattage and color temperature. What 50/50 t5 lamp were you considering?
Well, I;m somewhat limited. I didn't realize until after purchasing that the fixture I got takes 46" bulbs to fit inside a fixture that is exactly 48" long. So I believe I am limited to ZooMed's bulbs for the moment.
When business picks up in the summer, I'm upgrading to a 4 bulb fixture with LED moonlights, but that's a few months off.
So, when the box says 48" inches, they're lying? Bastards! At least ZooMed lists the actual length. Of course, some standardization across the board would be nice. LOL
Then in that case, I don't have a brand preference. I want something at least slightly actinic, but do not want to compromise too much on photosynthesis.
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