URGENT! New Owner African clawed frog albino

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Apr 3, 2022
So we bought a African clawed frog to join our family and was told to feed her half a cube of frozen blood worms morning then at night then when’ she’s bigger she can be fed earth worms she was eating really good then noticed day 3 she didn’t seem to want any and noticed she just kept staying at the top of the tank & like idling and looked a little bloated , today seems like it’s went down but she is still staying right there at the top and idle if , and if you go near the tank she’s easily spooked and spasms out and she wasn’t like that before she swam around and loved the attention now she stays in one spot and doesn’t move unless she sees someone and she freaks out then goes back to that spot please HELP . I’m planning on getting pellets instead of just the blood worms bc I read they can be the reason for bloat
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