uv sterelizer question

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Oct 15, 2003
dayton ohio
is it possible to use the sterelizer part time? i'm trying to decrease the temp. it's running in the high 80's / low 90's. i have mh's so i'm trying to think of everything to do rather than decrease the light cycle.

any one know of a cheap chiller or a good place for a diy?

You sure a UV is increasing your water temp? I wouldn't think so. But then again... I didn't sleep at a Holiday Inn last night.

But yes, I'd think if you put the sterilizer on a timer, all would be well, I know folks who don't run them 24/7 thinking it zaps too much beneficial stuff too. Of course, might be two timers. One for the light and one for the pump. Then again, wondering why not let the water pump anyway full time since it's the light that concerns you.
well i was thinking to decrease some possibilities of the warm up. my xenias are hating it!!

I do not think the UV is causing temp problems for you. Have you tried putting a fan blowing on your sump and or main?
I agree also. I have a UV and there is no temp change on the return. Your lights must be the culprit. I run my UV 24/7 but I have heard of others that run them part time.
Not to intentionally take the other side of the fence, you need to consider how large the UV light is and water flow. If your using a very slow water flow then its not unreasonable to suspect the temp over time would rise a few degrees. I suggest a very simple, unscientific approach of turning it off for a week and see if helps. One week should not cause you any problems. As for running it part time thats perfectly acceptable. A timer can help with that. Most folks with a UV sterilizer don't read the dosing recommendations anyway and end up overexposing a tank..But I digress. Please do try shutting it down at least for a couple days and see if it helps.

thats a good idea! i do have a large uv (36 watt) i don't think the flow is slow though. (he he he i sounded like dr seuss---sorry, thats my humor)

thanks again

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