UV Sterilizer Question

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Feb 8, 2020
A friend's 5 gallon tank has been having a pretty bad algae outbreak. There is hair algae, brown algae and algae growing on the glass and rocks.

If we scrub the tank clean and then add a UV sterilizer would it prevent another outbreak?

I know it only has an affect on the water, but I was thinking if all the objects are clean then it'd be able to prevent algae from living in the water and therefore getting onto objects. Is this true?

I’ve found they help a little but algae still grows quite nicely (curses :) ). Mostly only good for green water algae.

Reducing light duration / intensity will be more effective.
I agree with Dellapool , a UV would be a waste of $ for just algae . You need to get the tank balanced....IE: light,plants,ferts,etc . When you get the tank balanced the algae will recede , but will never disappear . There will be spots of it always and if you think this way it won't drive ya crazy....lol
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