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Feb 1, 2008
Just wondering how really effective this would be compared to a QT. Would a hanging one be better than connecting thru filter? I totally apologize if this a repost.60 gallon tankMarineland c-360 filter canisterYellow tang3 blue chromisSaddleback clownCleaner shrimp2 turbo snails
UV will only treat the water that passes thru it. Doesn't compare to a QT tank for isolating and treating disease on the fish.
Also note that most fish diseases don't reside in the water column nor can the unit differentiate good bacteria from possibly negative bacteria.
two of my fish died of unknown illness. I ran a uv filter for two weeks, then let the tank run for another two weeks with no fish. After that I introduced 2 domino damsels and after a month they and my live rock are doing good. My advise is run it for a short time at most and let your tank "mini-cycle" because you are killing a lot of small organisms that will cause a small ammonia spike. Let your tank be for a little while and then introduce fish one at at time. and see how they do! I have had good results with limited use of the UV filter, Hope this helps! Good luck!
I am somewhat confused about UV sterilizers. I am considering buying 1 and wanted to get some advice before I purchased it.

1. Are they really a good piece of equipment to have for a marine aquarium?

2. Is it something that you should constantly run like a protien skimmer?

3. I have a 75 gallon tank, what wattage should I use?
PS..........I have a 75 gallon tank....1 yellow tang....1 4 strip damsel.....1 blue damsel.....some mushrooms.....and some green star polyps

will UV effect my corals in any negative way?
I only used to run my UV for 3 or so weeks when I added new fish. Since i'm not doing any more stocking, i've removed it. One less pump, less noise.
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