UV sterilizer?

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I would not think a 5 watt would work on a 50 gallon tank. Read about flow rates as well. If you exceed the flow rate of the UV you are rendering it useless, since the water is not in cotact with the UV bulb long enough to "kill".

EDIT - I just read the specs on this unit. Says it's good for upto 100 gallons and has a max flow rate of 300 gph.

I still don't know about this though... 5 watts just does not seem like alot of light. And it's classified as a UV clarifier. Not a steralizer.
liveaquaria.com has a turbo UV rated for 13 gallons or so for a reasonable price. I would go a step higher as AB said when it comes to killing diseases. 13w or better should do the trick.

Quick bit of research I did on the difference between a clarifier and a sterilizer:

"Clarifiers help the filter system remove very small particles that are floating in the aquarium water. They will clear cloudy water caused by new gravel, dirt or other debris. These clarifiers are not for clearing bacteria blooms"

"UV Sterilizers actually serve 2 purposes, They kill the algae spores and they also kill parasites"
The UV zap dose for algae is about 30,000mw/cm2. With a 5 watt unit, your flow rate will be in drops per hour instead of gallons per hour. I seriously doubt that there is that much difference in the zap dose generated by the PC model. Also, most of the low wattage units are small diameter and contact time is pretty short. I wouldn't bother with less than a 25w unit that is at least 2" in diameter if you want something that is effective. JMHO.
Actually the 5 watt model does a good job with algae control. I run them on my freshwater service tanks and they work great for keeping the water clear and the algae from groing on the plastic plants.Biggest tank that i have one on is a heavily stocked 75. I do think that they are not adequate enough for ICH control. I would dfinately look into something bigger. Take a look at the Coralife turbo twist UV'S; i have had real good feedback from these.
I've had 2 different ones in two different tanks. I could never tell a difference when they were running and when they weren't. They never stopped the algae or diseases for me. I gave up on them.
If you do decide to get one, you'll have to research it. There are 2 different flow rates per wattage for killing algae & disease. Algae can be killed using a higher flow & parasites need a slower flow.
I don't think it's a bad unit PiscesLou, I just don't think it's exactly what your looking for.

I'd do a bit more research and make sure you get exctly what you want/need for your setup. I have heard great things about the Coralife TurboTwist that Darin mentioned above.

Happy Holidays! :D
I actually called tetratec to see if the bulb it comes with could be replaced with a higher watt bulb, they said no, so did I :mrgreen: I might go with the coralife,Ive always had good experience when it come to there products. one of my plans is to be able to transfer the unit to a bigger tank whenever I get one. thanks again buddy.
I say go with the coralife! I have had zero complaints on them and have sold about 100 of them this year! They make great stuff !
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