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Feb 12, 2006
New York
I have a 10 gallon FW set up. (I am asking this in the SW forum because as I understand it, you guys have more experience with this stuff)

Without getting into specifics, I am at my wits end and have tried tons of methods and remedies but still have algae problems.

As a last resort, I would like to purchase a UV Sterilizer but I am not sure if there's one available for a 10 gallon. My filter is a Whisper HOB.

Could someone please recommend a UV Sterilizer for me for my tank? Do they have a self-contained HOB unit?

I saw this one here:

But I'm a bit confused as to how I would set it up. Does it have a pump or something to circulate the water through it?

Thanks for any help you can provide.
This question probably belongs in the general hardware forum. That way both salties and freshies can weigh in. A moderator will probably move it.

Ok, so you are having algea problems...

Its hard not to get into specifics with algea because there are so many things that cause it, but i will just say this...

I bought a UV sterilizer for my saltwater tank, and it has not stopped the spread of algea on live rock, but it has slowed it down. UV sterilizers are better for green water algea than any other in freshwater tanks.

That particualr sterilizer can onoly be used with a HOB filter. You need a canister filter whhere it can be attached inline.

They are expensive, but there are better ways of dealing with algea. It takes work, no real easy way out.
Even though IMO it does stop the spread of it by killing the algea spores that are free floating it does nothing to the algea that is in your tank. It has to be free floating and go through the lighted chamber to have any effect. I have a UV and think they do a tank good but you really need to focus on what is fueling it. Check this out. Moving to General Hardware and equipment discussion.


So there are no UV Sterilizers that are HOB and independent from the filter?
I totally get what you're saying. I am having problems with Algae Blooms so I think a sterilizer would be beneficial to me.
realdeal said:
I am having problems with Algae Blooms so I think a sterilizer would be beneficial to me.

Yes it will for a algea bloom as will finding the fuel factor.
My personal experience:


I tried a lot of things including:
50% wc, 5 day blackout, 50% wc (a lot to ask on a 120g tank)
added more fast-growing plants
UV sterilizer
waiting it out

Quick story:
Got green water, tried waiting it out a week - still there. Then came the 50% wc, 5 day blackout, 50% wc. Worked for about a week. Got a UV sterilizer, as I had had enough of this. Ran it for 2 days, worked great, came back in 2-3 weeks. Added a large amount of faster-growing plants, ludwigias and hygros. Put the UV back on for 5 days this time.
Haven't had any issues since.

realdeal said:
So there are no UV Sterilizers that are HOB and independent from the filter?

I took this idea and made something similar for mine.
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