UV Sterilizers with Algae

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Aug 19, 2004
Mays Landing, NJ
Will UV sterilizers help kill off future algae outbreaks? I know it can't help with algae already in tank but I figure if the algae particles move through the sterilizer before they cling to wherever they go it would kill them off.
As long as the flow rate was correct thru the UV unit it would kill/steralize algae spores that are exposed to the light. I wouldnt say a tank that had an algae problem to start with would cure itself of additional algae outbreaks by having one though.
What are the best algae eating verts? I only have a hermit and two turbo snails. Should I get more of these or any other verts?
what size tank? i love turbo snails there winderful. Some crabs are ok, but many eat small fish and snails, sally light foots are suppose to be good but ive never had one.
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