UVL Power Compacts

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Dec 27, 2007
Has anyone tried the new power compacts with the internal reflectors made by UVL? I am thinking of switching to them but wanted to get some feedback from people that had used them.
I don't use pc's, but I've heard nothing but good about them with their built in reflectors like ULV's VHO's.
The reason I am looking at them is my fixture has 2 250w MH and 2 PCs. I was debating on changing out the PCs and replacing them with T5s but if these are as good as some people are saying I may just stick to PCs and go to the UV bulbs. I know they may not be as bright as T5s but I am only using them for supplimental lighting anyway.
From the research I've done, internal reflectors aren't as efficient at reflecting light down into the tank; the reflected light gets "lost" in the bulb(that's what I've read, FWIW)... external parabolic "u" shaped reflectors apparently get much more light into the tank.
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