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Feb 10, 2013
Hi all, I'm a college student who got gifted two tiny goldfish rescued from being table decorations for a wedding. Which seems rather innocent, but then I learned they needed 30 gallons each, and then I saw a really cheap 20 gallon danio/GAE set up on craigslist, and the obsession began.

I have about 6 months experience, but have been doing extensive research from the beginning. My free time usually ends in me looking up better foods, filtration, decor, or substrates for my fish. Unfortunately, being a poor college student, I have to do the best I can with a limited (think: babysitting and cleaning jobs) income.

I love my fish dearly (it disgusts my sisters that I frequently talk to them) and am on the prowl for advice from seasoned fish keepers, who might have some tips on keeping them healthy.
Welcome to the forum! Good for you for taking the time to research. Always watch Craigslist cause you sometimes will find fantastic deals on bigger tanks in both the "pets" section in the community area, and the "for sale" section. have fun! :)
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