Very pleased with this gravel cleaner

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Mar 16, 2011
Got a Mr. Cleaner battery powered gravel cleaner. I'm happy with the versatility.

Does a good job of cleaning the gravel without suctioning out the water from your tank. Instead it filters it through a little white baby sock and puts it right back in.

*You can make it shorter or taller as you like by adding or removing the pipe or gravel head.
*You can add a knee high panty hose sock to the filter sock for extra filtration as needed. (I recommend this.)
*You can use it for water changes, to add or remove water, just stick on a tube.

I'm just glad I don't have to traumatize my fish anymore while cleaning the tank. They'll swim right up to it.

Also comes with an algae scraper.
I've been thinking about buying one.. you may have just convinced me lol
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