visa therm stealth heater

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Aug 1, 2007
well, interesting thing happened to me today. I unplugged my system - ran the vacuum to get all the dust off the carpet around the tank. and then plug everything back in - this is where it gets a little scary. soon as i plug the system back in my visatherm heater explodes - litterally - with the plug and top laying on the other side of the room - and the body of the heater on the tank floor. what the heck does this mean ? was there anything in that heater that can hurt my fish ? and is it something electrical with the house or THE heater itself.
Did the heater itself explode in the tank or did the outlet on the wall blow out? If the outlet blew out I would probably want to call an electrician. I would do some water changes to make sure anything that could possibly leak out of the heater isn't in the water anymore. You may want to call the company to ask if the heater mechanisms can hurt the fish if they get into the water.
well at least they have a good warranty. was it in the water when you plugged it in? any pics?
it was in the water when i plugged it in and I have since tossed the heater and replaced it with a different name brand, lol. I couldnt see what happened as i was facing the wall but when i plugged it in it sounded like a gun shot - and when i turned around the body of the heater was on the floor and the inside and top of the heater were on the other side of the room. black soot on the ceiling as well, interesting experience it was - but the outlets in the wall are still working fine and it was plugged into a gfci.
I'm glad you didn't get hurt - that sounds pretty nasty with black soot on the ceiling. I would call Marineland and get your money back. But if you already threw the heater away I don't know if they would. It wouldn't hurt to try.
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